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Shop Our New Arrivals! ✨ $125 away from FREE SHIPPING!
Shop Our New Arrivals! ✨ $125 away from FREE SHIPPING!

Dinkie Donkey, 8 Inches

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$125 away from FREE SHIPPING


From to Grimm’s Fairy Tales…to “pin the tail on the donkey”…to animated films…to video games, it’s obvious that children have loved donkeys for generations.  Steiff has created their very own version of this funny, furry friend called “Dinkie.”  And even though his name means “small,” Dinkie has a huge heart.  This little donkey has the softest fur, the brightest smile, and the most adorable face — just looking at him will make you laugh, right along with your little one.  Why not adopt this amusing, affectionate plush pal today?  Featuring the famous “Button in Ear” trademark, symbol of the company that invented soft toys 140 years ago.