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Our Fall Collection is HERE! 🍂 FREE SHIPPING over $150
Our Fall Collection is HERE! 🍂 FREE SHIPPING over $150

Future Lab: Tomorrow's Farm

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The day starts early on the future farm, where smart tractors plow the land and robots plant the seeds. Our farmer gets ready to explore her land with a drone, while cows are happily pasturing in the fields. This is not Old MacDonald's farm. This is a farm of the near future, where vegetables will grow in vertical structures and fruit is carefully picked by robotic arms! And at the end of the book, it all comes together at home, where a family enjoys juicy strawberries from their smart refrigerator. Kids will be delighted with this new take on the good-old farm and will learn how farmers and animals interact with high-tech gadgets. The last spread of the book contains a simple glossary where tots and parents can read the definitions of some more advanced terms.